Friday, October 4, 2013

New releases and faves on tonight's menu

A random tasting of some favorites and new releases today at Sardis Park VQA. "Random" in a good way, for me, as I was not familiar with any of them.

And yes, as of this blog, I am switching over to the more widely-accepted 100 point scale. Unlike others though, I am not going to be shy about using the bottom 70 points if a wine doesn't work for me.

Cassini 2012 Rose $18.90

Aromas of raspberries and grass, this is one of the odder Roses I have experienced. The palate brings a flavor that I just can't identify.

Rating: 64


Domaine de Chaberton  2012 Bacchus $17.50 - New Vintage

Pleasant notes of honeysuckle on the nose, green apple and peaches on the palate. Off-dry and quite tasty.

Rating: 81


Wild Goose 2011 Horizon $22.00

A new red blend of 55% Reserve Merlot/ 25%Cabernet Sauvignon/ 20% Petit Verdot. A bit of an odd combination, usually you see Petit Verdot in very small percentages. Blackberries and mocha on the nose. Tannins are quite sharp; not suitable for drinking right now, but could improve with time.
Rating: 68

Covert Farms 2011 Zinfandel $28.99

Notes of cloves, strawberries and pepper greet the nose agreeably, but this is another one that needs time in the bottle to improve. Tannins are quite firm, indicating that this might be good with some time laying down.

Rating: 73

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