Saturday, October 19, 2013

Okanagan Trip, the Finale

After our excellent experiences at Volcanic Hills and Mt. Boucherie on Sunday morning, it was time for the Main Event of the day; a guided tour of Quails' Gate winery, and lunch at their terrific Old Vines Restaurant.

The tour was a lot of fun; we had an excellent guide and we learned quite a few interesting tidbits about the history of the winery, the land it was on, and the wines themselves. As part of the tour we got to taste a few wines, all good, but all ones I have tasted and rated in this blog before. No need to rehash those.

After a very nice lunch, we headed to the bar to pick up some wines from their library. I don't mind putting my wine away to age appropriately, but I also don't mind paying extra from time to time to get some wines that are already aged, and ready to drink NOW. We filled up a case of various wines, and I'll report on them as we go. As it so happens, tonight we cracked open the first of those:

Quails' Gate 2005 Stewart Family Reserve Pinot Noir

It's not often after enjoying a bottle of wine that my wife and I are generally pissed off that it's gone, but that was the case tonight. Bright red fruits, particularly cherry, dominate the nose. The tannins here are just right; firm enough to keep your interest, but not so firm to add any bitterness to the flavors. I hesitate to say this wine has hit it's peak, but if you have one of these in your cellar, I urge you to open it in the next 6-12 months. It's difficult to imagine it improving much from this.

A long, lingering finish, with just a tiny hint of spice, leaves you satisfied and wanting more. A truly special wine drinking experience.

Rating: 94

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