Friday, October 18, 2013

Okanagan Wine Tour part Nine

After our tasting at Volcanic Hills, it's around the corner (literally!) to a quaint little winery called Mt. Boucherie. Another one I had never visited and knew little about, short of having tasted a couple wines a while ago.

No tasting fee.

2009 Estate Collection Semillon

Bright yellow in colour and strong notes of lemon on the nose. Very fruity, lots of citrus, on the palate. Semillon has not been my white wine as of yet, but this one almost made me change my mind. There is much potential here.

Rating: 79

2011 Estate Collection Riesling

Very much like your average BC Riesling; very tart, flavors of green apple and loads of minerality.

Rating: 75

2011 Family Reserve Chardonnay

Lacking in the big buttery notes that I like so much, but still a quality wine. Apple and pear replace the butterscotch that you often get on the nose, and the fruit really shines through on the palate.

Rating: 82

2012 Estate Collection Ehrenfelser

Slightly off-dry with lemon and lime notes; reminded me just a bit of drinking a 7-up, sans carbonation. A really nice wine for $17.

Rating: 81

2009 Summit Reserve Blaufrankisch

No, that is not auto-correct run amok. That is actually the name of the grape. My first taste of this one, and I'm pretty sure the first time I've ever heard of it (although I have heard of the Australian varietal, Lemberger). Blueberries hit your nose, which I always love, but often they lead to disappointment, and that was sort of the case here. It's not bad, but it's one of those that smells outstanding and tastes pretty good.

Rating: 78

2009 Family Reserve Pinot Noir - $30

Wonderful notes of cherry with just a hint of grass on the nose, dominated by cherry on the palate. Finishes well, very silky. Good now, and another couple years laying down will only enhance it. We just about bought one of these, and would have if not for the next one....

Rating: 84

2008 Summit Reserve Syrah

Berries, berries, berries...and just a hint of pepper. Full bodied and very well balanced, this was delicious. I wouldn't necessarily say it was BETTER than the Pinot, but it was just as good in a different way; and when my wife finds a Syrah she likes, which is pretty rare, you know we are walking about of there with one. And at $25, an excellent value as well.

Rating: 84

2009 Family Reserve Summit - $28

A blend of the "big three", you get notes of blackberries with just a tiny hint of mint, and flavors of black currant and a touch of spice on the finish. The tannins are still a bit strong, suggesting that this one will much improve with some time, not that it's not drinkable now by any stretch.

Rating: 79

We really enjoyed our experience here; although the tasting room is pretty tiny, our host was knowledgeable, enthusiastic and friendly, and that's just about all you can ask for. Not to mention the wine was darn good too!!

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