Saturday, October 26, 2013

New BC wine area showing much promise

Last night's tasting at Sardis Park VQA features Harper's Trail, a winery in Kamloops. Kamloops is a very new area of BC wine, featuring a similar climate to Kelowna but hotter in the summer. Time will tell what that will mean to their wines going forward.

Harper's Trail recently released their second vintage, from 2012, and I was fortunate enough to taste some very promising wines.

A vein of limestone runs through the property, seeping into the terroir, adding an interesting touch of minerality to the wines.

2012 Pinot Gris $18

Although it doesn't show in the picture, it's a light brown colour (called "vin gris" which actually translates to grey wine but whatever). Hints of apricot on the nose, less acidity than most BC Pinot Gris. Very unique and interesting.

Rating: 80

2011 Thadd Springs Riesling $19.99

Flinty minerality that you get with BC Rieslings but less dry with a touch of honey. Another unique wine.

Rating: 81

2012 Gew├╝rztraminer $18

Again the word "unique" comes to mind. Some floral notes but less than normal and strong notes of herbs, particularly sage, come through. For that reason, seems like a perfect wine to pair with turkey and stuffing.

Rating: 80

2012 Chardonnay $20

Fruity and pleasant nose and the fruit carries through to the palate, joined by a hint of smokiness and a bit of caramel; different than the butter/butterscotch you often find in Chardonnay.

Rating: 80

For year two, this winery shows a great deal of potential, and it will be exciting to follow their progress as the years pass!

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