Sunday, October 14, 2018

Okanagan Trip report continues in Lake Country at Arrowleaf!

We tend to get to Lake Country every couple of years, and we will generally try to hit all the wineries in the area in a day. If, for some reason, we can't get to them all, Arrowleaf is one we generally skip. In the past, we have found that the quality of the wine has never made this a "must-do", although that's not to say the wine is lousy; far from it, it has always been perfectly pleasant. While we rarely have encountered a bad wine here, we've also rarely encountered anything so spectacular that we just can't miss out.

Our last visit here was in 2015. They opened up a gorgeous new tasting room and a little kitchen/bistro/bakery that serves small plates to pair with the wines. You can sit out on their patio and soak in the spectacular view while enjoying a glass or bottle from their portfolio. After our tasting, we did that as we had a bit of time before our next appointment. We had them pour us a couple glasses of Pinot Gris and headed out to the beautiful terrace to enjoy some scenery. Unfortunately for us, someone forgot to tell the weatherman that it is THE MIDDLE OF AUGUST IN THE OKANAGAN!! As if the smoke from the fires wasn't enough, it was windy, it was cold, and it was RAINING!

The author's lovely wife, who really did comb her hair this morning. That is how windy it was.
I didn't think it was allowed to be this cold in the Okanagan in the middle of Summer. Disapproved.

Anyway, on to our tasting! One thing I do remember about this winery, we have always been treated very well by the staff, and today was no exception. Our guide, Janet, was an absolute delight.

As usual, not a bad wine in the bunch. I would suggest that, although there are still not any wines that absolutely knocked us over (although the Riesling has a chance), the quality has improved since our last visit, and we will be back next time we are up in this neck of the woods.

Next up: I think it's time for another random update of some great stuff we've been drinking, still gotta find all my notes on the wine we enjoyed in Disneyland, and the Okanagan trip continues at Ex Nihilo!

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