Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Not-so-random blog update focusing on just one winery - our first love - Quails' Gate!!!

Going through my notes recently and noticed an alarming trend; we drink a ton of Quails' Gate wine, but I often overlook writing about it. I think I often assume I have already reviewed them, and I am generally wrong.

Time to fix that, at least partially. Reviews of 8 random Quails' Gates wines, some new, some aged, that we have enjoyed in the past couple of months.

Quails' Gate was our first Wine Club, and their annual party at their gorgeous multi-million dollar Lake House is a "can't-miss" event for those of us in the Barrel Club, which is the highest of their two wine club tiers. I'd recommend you all join it, but I believe they have reached capacity (or if not, they will very soon).

These guys don't make a bad wine, and one of the great perks of the Barrel Club is that a large portion of the wine we get is already Library wine, meaning we have already aged wine to drink right away while cellaring the rest of it. It's a great club, a great winery, and great people. Cannot say enough good things about them!

Up next: More random stuff to get to, plus the next stop on our Okanagan trip, Ex Nihilo!

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