Monday, July 8, 2013

Madeira.....the verdict

So we finally decided to pop open that Madeira-style wine, the 2004 Cedarcreek Platinum M, that I've had in the cellar for a little while.

It was.......interesting.

It has been described as a port-style wine, and I'd say that's a decent description. It's a little thicker and more syrupy than a normal wine. It's stronger than a normal wine too. Tracey described it as "whiskey-like going down your throat". At first, I agree with that description, but after a couple of sips you get used to that and it's actually very nice.

It has a small amount of sweetness to it, but it's not a dessert wine. It's perfect as a digestif, before a nice meal, which is what we used it for. Would probably be good after a meal too.

Is it worth the hefty $65 price point? Hmm. If you like port (or if you've had Madeira wines from Portugal and want one you can find more easily), then this is probably for you and worth the money. And, keep in mind that the process this wine has undergone allows us to consume this bottle a little bit at a time, so that is a huge plus; we'll be having a little bit of this before every nice dinner we have for the next year, and that would not be something you could do with a normal port.

I like it!!

Rating: 7/10

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