Friday, September 21, 2018

Okanagan Trip, Part III, at a winery quickly establishing themselves as one to watch: Rust Wine Co!!!

We visited Rust Wine Co (formerly Rustico) for the first time last year; you can read all about it here, if you need a refresher. I mention that because they make the best (IMO) Zinfandel in the Okanagan, and that review was included in last year's post. All I can say about that Zinfandel is that I have enjoyed 3-4 more bottles of it and it's quite possible I underrated it. A simply terrific wine that pairs beautifully with just about any piece of red meat. Try it!

On to the new stuff we tasted this past June!

Rust Wine Co. 2017 Rosé ($22.00)
Made from 100% Pinot Noir, slight floral aromas mix in with strawberry and watermelon. Strawberry, tart cherry and watermelon on the palate. Very dry and tasty.

Rust Wine Co. 2017 Gamay ($22.00)

Enticing aromas of red cherry and white pepper give way to very fruit forward flavors of cherry, raspberry and black pepper. Lovely finish. Absolutely one of the best, if not the best, BC Gamay. We bought a couple of these, and we do NOT buy Gamay.

Rust Wine Co. 2016 Cabernet Franc ($25.00)

Red fruit abounds, with hints of mint and spice on the nose. Rich, round and fully developed, this beauty starts off with funky mushroom flavors, but the red cherry and strawberry take over on the mid-palate and a touch of spice comes up at the end. Lovely.

Rust Wine Co. 2016 Golden Mile Bench Merlot ($35.00)

Three Merlots? You bet your sweet bippy. I suspect about 15% of you are old enough to know the origin of that phrase. Anyhoo, this one opens up with aromas of red cherry, raspberry and blueberry. Black cherry, vanilla and mocha on the palate. Medium finish. 

Rust Wine co. 2016 South Cawston Merlot ($35.00)

Light fruity aromas, with hints of vanilla and baking spice. Similar to the cab franc, it starts off with flavors of funky mushroom, and the mid-palate brings along the red and black fruits. Terroir is everything, the three different Merlots are almost nothing alike.

Rust Wine Co. 2016 Black Sage Bench Merlot ($35.00)

Black cherry, black plum, vanilla and coffee on the nose. Red raspberry, strawberry, blackberry and dark chocolate on the palate. Finishes forever. Really delicious. My favorite of the three by quite a bit.

Rust Wine Co. 2016 Black Sage Bench Syrah ($37.00)

Aromas of black pepper, forest floor, earth and black fruit. Bright red cherry, white pepper, mushroom and earth on the palate. Beautiful long finish. Perhaps my favorite wine from Rust, with the possible exception of that damn Zinfandel. 

Rust Wine Co. 2016 South Cawston Syrah ($37.00)

Tasty, but almost seems a touch prosaic after tasting it's brother above. Different in many ways but still presents red cherry aromas and flavors, mingling with mushroom and wild strawberry. Another long finish, although not quite as long as the above.

That's it for now! I previously "teased" some exciting changes to this blog; still lots of them to come, but you are going to see the first of the changes in my next post, another fairly new winery that is hitting "must visit" status, Lariana Cellars!


  1. Well, Dean, based on your review, it sounds like the Okanagan Wine Club should get on this!

    Mike Moreau

  2. I have a funny feeling they are already on it Michael! :)

  3. Thank you Dean. We visited Lariana last week and I have a few of them in my cellar. Anxious to open them. Can you share more about the Zinfandels? I love red Zins from Cali, but the Zins I have tried so far, cannot match what I am looking for so far. What was your experience with Rust and thoughts on BC Zins. My view so far is that they are much lighter which is fine but I have not found one that is very balanced yet. Appreciate any thoughts.

    1. Hello friend, the link to my review of the Zinfandel is in this blog post (at the top where it says "here" you can click on that). If you love big jammy Zinfandels from California you may not be a huge fan of this one, it is not like that at all. Much more sophisticated, IMO. When it comes to California Zin, I tend to gravitate to the really high-end ones from producers like Hartford, or Caymus. For the most part, the easy-to-get California Zins are too jammy for me.