Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Okanagan Trip, Part V, and we go up, up, up, up, way up the hill to Fairview Cellars!

Seriously, anyone ever been here? You just keep going up, up, up, up. And signage? Forget it. Without GPS you'd have a better chance of playing Pick-Up-Stix with your butt-cheeks than finding this place. Thank goodness for GPS!

We arrive and are warmly greeted by Honey, their Golden Retriever. Honey is a good dog. Honey is a very good dog! And she joins us in the tasting room, where she is much more interested in having her belly rubbed than in anything wine-related that may be going on. We accommodate her as best we can.

In between belly rubs, we manage to taste some wine.

On the way out, we are greeted by their other dog, who's name escapes me. He was out protecting the vineyards when we arrived; probably chasing away bears. Seriously, he chases away bears. He is a very, very good boy!

 The very last stop of this trip was at Rust, which I already posted out of order, so this wraps up this little trip from June. Next up: Still have Disney wine to report on, plus a ton of miscellaneous stuff, but I think I'll try to get to our last trip up to the Okanagan this year, which was to Kelowna a few weeks ago. Lots to report on, so we will start at Mission Hill!

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