Sunday, January 12, 2014

So what wine pairs with a GREAT football day, and Golden Globes?

Just for the record, I don't care what Amy Adams' dress looks like, I love her. I'm just sayin'.

Tonight we started off with a cheapie, some of what went into the beurre blanc sauce that would later go onto our asparagus with dinner:

Gray Monk 2012 Latitude 50 ($11.99)

Seriously you can't normally get vinegar for 12 bucks, and the 2011 version of this was quite good. The 2012 is pretty good as well, but slightly less so than the '11. Lots of citrus on the nose and palate, with a bit too much bite for me; grapefruit lovers will enjoy. 80

Tonight's dinner:

Pork chops
Asparagus with beurre blanc sauce
Orzo with parmesan and basil

With that, we decided a nice Chardonnay would be appropriate:

2011 Time Estates Chardonnay ($27.99)

I had previously reviewed this in July:

Bold and buttery, just the way I like Chardonnay. It has a sophistication that belies it's young age, developed in oak with notes of tropical fruit.

  The tasting notes on this wine suggest it would age very well until 2016. I can attest it is pretty darn good right now, and would likely only improve with patient aging.

 I think I liked it more today than I did in July; the extra 8 months of aging only improved it. Terrific value. 86.

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