Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Don't Cry for Malbec, Argentina......

So continues my ever-long search for a good Malbec. Tonight our search takes us to the home of the Malbec, Argentina.

Well, of course, Malbec actually originated in France,  but Argentina has become known as the "other" place to get great Malbec.

I was in a liquor store before Xmas and noticed they had a few "mini" bottles of wine; 375 ml, or half of a regular bottle. I thought that was a good way to try out some new wines, so I picked up a couple, including this one:

Domaine Bousquet 2012 Malbec

Reading up on this, I'm supposed to get "bitter chocolate, raspberry and spice" on the nose. Hmm, I can kind of see the chocolate and a hint of spice; no berries at all for ne, though. The palate is interesting. Some lush black cherry and just a touch of mocha, with a bit of acidity. I think this would improve with another year or two in the bottle. 83.

At $15.99 for a full bottle, this would hardly be considered "world class" Malbec, but it is what it is: perfectly quaffable. Not bad at all. It wouldn't be fair to say my search for a great Malbec is over, not by a long shot, but this is the best one I've had so far.

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