Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's Summertime!! No? Summerhill time, maybe??

Tonight we opened up an old favorite to pair with our lemon chicken stir fry dinner.

2012 Summerhill Ehrenfelser

Summerhill is one of only a handful of Okanagan wineries to take a shot at this rare grape, and they do it the best, IMO.

The nose will almost be overwhelmed by fruit. I get apricot, orange, cantaloupe and citrus. Throw in a touch of honeysuckle and I could put my nose into a glass of this wine all night. Of course, I'd rather drink it! Rated a "2" on the sweetness scale, the palate will be awash with tropical fruits. It paired very well with our stir-fry, and would be a perfect accompaniment to spicy foods. It would also be perfect to just open and enjoy. 88.

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