Sunday, August 30, 2015

Okanagan Trip part 21! La Stella takes us all the way to Italy.

A beautiful winery where we can always get excellent service and incredible scenery. They were extremely busy when we were there but the staff still took terrific care of us, making for another excellent tasting experience. Oh, and the wines range from good to freaking outstanding.

La Stella 2014 Leggiero Un-Oaked Chardonnay ($21.90)

Notes of green apple and red delicious apple. Fruity and light with crisp acidity. If you are a fan of unoaked Chardonnay, this might be just the one for you. 86.

La Stella 2012 Vivace Pinot Grigio ($24.90)

Aromas of apple, pear and meyer lemon. Pears, citrus and apple mingle on the palate. Finishes very long. 87.

La Stella 2014 Lastellina Rosato ($22.90)

Comprised of Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Sangiovese. Very aromatic notes of red currant, white pepper and herbs. Dark berries and cherries on the palate. Slightly off-dry. 87.

La Stella 2013 Fortissimo ($34.90)

A blend of Merlot (49%), Cabernet Franc (14%), Cabernet Sauvignon (21%) and Sangiovese (16%), An homage to Tuscany. Cherry, plum, pepper, leather on the nose. The Sangiovese really shines through, bringing along some dusty notes. This is already drinking beautifully but will certainly improve greatly with some careful cellaring...probably for at least a                                             decade. 89-91.

La Stella 2011 Maestoso  ($99.90)

Their signature Merlot. Strong aromas of dark berries, cherries, cold cuts and a hint of vanilla. The berry flavors are intense, leading to some cocoa. The finish is incredibly long and smooth. This is a top notch wine already, and I can't imagine how good it will be in a few years. I won't know, either, as we already drank ours! 94.

La Stella 2012 Allegretto ($69.90)

Another Merlot, this one planted "pie franco" (vines planted on their own rootstock in white silica sand). Cherries and black plums dominate the nose. Black fruit, coffee and a touch of vanilla and cocoa on the palate and the finish. 2012 turned into a great year and this wine, albeit still young, is going to be a great example of what this year can produce. 91-93.

La Stella 2012 La Sophia ($89.90)

Another ode to Tuscany, this big and bold Cabernet Sauvignon features powerfuly, rich, dark fruit on the nose. Some notes of leather, cassis and tobacco mingle in the background. Brooding and beautiful with a finish that seems to never end. Young, but oh so good already. I have one in my cellar and am looking forward to the day when I crack it open. Absolutely one of the                                       best Cabernet Sauvignons you will find in BC. 94.

Next up, our first trip to a very new winery, open just about a year....Maverick!!!

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