Saturday, August 22, 2015

Apparently this place should be featured on "You Gotta Eat Here".....

....and I say that because we were told on three separate occasions to make sure we ate at Liquidity Bistro! Three times!

We knew that wasn't going to happen, as we were going to arrive at Liquidity around 2:30 in the afternoon, after we had already eaten lunch and it was a little early for dinner....having said that, we will definitely make sure to eat there next time. The menu was attractive and the bistro was beautiful (and smelled incredible).

On to the wines!

Liquidity 2014 Pinot Gris ($20.00)

Pears, tropical fruit and green apple on the nose and the palate. The green apple really comes through on the finish, which also features just a hint of spice. 87.

Liquidity 2014 White Blend ($19.90)

Yes, that's actually the name. 64% Chardonnay, 20% Viognier, 16% Sauvignon Blanc. Tropical fruit and orange blossoms dominate the nose. The palate is slightly off-dry with hints of peach and citrus. 86.

Liquidity 2014 Viognier ($23.90)

Peach, stone fruit and a bit of honey on the nose. The palate shines with some apricot, peach and white pepper. Full-bodied and lovely. 88.

Liquidity 2013 Chardonnay ($24.90)

Lemon, pineapple and a touch of apple on the nose. A tinge of butter. Some pineapple hangs around on the palate with a touch of caramel and red apple. 86.

Liquidity 2013 Pinot Noir ($27.90)

Raspberry, strawberry, cinnamon and touch of earthiness on the nose. Cherry and raspberry are the dominate flavors, with a touch of vanilla and plum as well. Really good now and will improve with a few years                                                      of careful cellaring. 88-90.

Liquidity 2013 Merlot ($25.90)

Dark berries, violets and a touch of vanilla on the nose. Raspberry, dark plums and a touch of cocoa on the palate. Smooth finish. As with the Pinot, a few years of nap time                                                           will enhance. 87-89,

We were really impressed with this winery during this, our first visit. Excellent service in the tasting room, really good wine, and quite a view (oh, and did I mention they are supposed to have a good bistro??).

We left with a bottle of the Viognier and Pinot Noir, and a new "must-eat" spot for our next trip!

Up next, we arrive in Osoyoos and pay our first visit to Moon Curser!

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