Sunday, March 22, 2015

Our new "Tuesday go-to wine".....and others.....

This past Tuesday we opened up quite a spectacular bottle of wine, which has now become our new "everyday" Tuesday wine. OK I may be kidding about that last part, but if we win the lottery anytime soon, I may reconsider.

2006 Col Solare ($99.90)

We've all experienced wines that had an amazing nose, but were less-than special on the palate. This one was actually the opposite. The muted nose featured a bit of fruit and tobacco but it was underwhelming at best. I was actually a little worried about it.

Then I tasted it. Aye, carumba.

Layers of succulent fruit, medium-bodied and already complex. Tannins are polished and the finish is long and beautiful. A simply sublime wine. 96.

And some random other stuff we've consumed in the past few weeks:

Church & State 2009 Quintessential ($55.00)

Intense notes of cherry, cassis and a hint of chocolate. Well-balanced and very rich and decadent. Luscious mouthfeel and a long, lingering finish. A top-notch example of a BC Bordeaux blend. 92.

Church & State 2012 Coyote Bowl Series Chardonnay ($27.00)

Hints of lemon zest, pear, apple and honey on the nose. Just the right amount of minerality and acidity. An excellent wine at this price point. 91.

Quails' Gate 2013 Orchard Block Gewurztraminer ($21.99)

Lychee in strong on the nose as you might expect, with floral undertones. Hints of peach and grapefruit highlight the palate. Done in the traditionally Alsace style and made to age. The winery suggests this can improve up to 20 years. Part of me wants to find out if they are right, but the other part of me thinks it's so damn good now I should just drink it all. Not sure which side is going to win at this point. 91.

Tinhorn Creek 2011 Oldfield Series Syrah ($35.00)

Some notes of cold cuts, leather and white pepper on the nose. Very food-friendly with some plum and raspberry flavors showing through to the slightly spicy finish. A good example of what good winemaking can do, even with a cooler vintage. 89.

Barossa Valley Estate 2008 E&E Black Pepper Shiraz ($89.95)

Blackberry, leather and pepper on the nose and palate. Also features some plum and notes of dried herbs on the palate. Some pepper on the long finish, although maybe less than you might expect given the name of the wine. Regardless, it is absolutely superb. Pairs beautifully with a big steak. 94.

Cedarcreek 2012 Cabernet Merlot ($20.99)

Ripe black fruits, plum and vanilla aromas. Cherry and plums come through on the palate with a touch of vanilla on the finish. Another excellent vintage of this top-notch reasonably priced offering. 88.

Cedarcreek 2013 Platinum Viognier ($24.95)

Some apricot, lemon and slate on the nose. Balanced acidity and minerality. A perfect pairing for many seafood dishes and also paired beautifully with a blueberry, prosciutto and ricotta pizza last night. 90.

Church & State 2013 Cuvee Blanc ($20.00)

Gewürztraminer (61%), Riesling (26%), Chardonnay Musqué (13%)

Pale in colour and very aromatic. Roses and citrus on the nose and palate. A hint of white peach on the palate as well. Light and refreshing. 86.

That's enough for today, hope you enjoyed reading about the wine half as much as I enjoyed drinking it!!!! :-)

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