Thursday, August 30, 2018

Okanagan Trip, Part XV, across the road to Gehringer Bros!!

If you can't conceive of spending more than $20 on a bottle of wine, this is the place for you. The most expensive table wine we tasted here was $16.59 (pre-tax).

Look, as I've said before, you get what you pay for. But if you are smart, and seek out the good bargains, you can enjoy wines that meet almost any price point. When you walk into a BC Liquor Store, for example, what do you see piled up at the front door? It's not Opus One.

Apothic. Yellow Tail. Barefoot.

That's not wine, folks. That's turpentine.

For the same money, or less, seek out these wines. They aren't complicated, they aren't sophisticated, but they are well-made, honest representations of BC wine. They have a huge portfolio, meaning there is something for almost every taste. And they are a helluva lot better than that crap I listed above.

One complaint: Not a huge fan of the use of the term "Private Reserve" on wines of this price and quality. It's confusing for consumers when they see these terms on wines like this. It cheapens the word "reserve".

Let's get to it!

Geheringer Bros. 2016 Private Reserve Dry Riesling ($13.29)
Light aromas of pineapple and green apple. Strong flavors of citrus, with green apple in the background. Rich, full mouthfeel.

Gehringer Bros. 2016 Private Reserve Pinot Gris ($13.99)

Aromas of citrus and a hint of white flowers. Sharp and fruity flavors of citrus. Straight forward lemon and lime.

Gehringer Bros. 2016 Optimum Pinot Gris ($16.59)
Aromas of pear and red apple, with a hint of minerality. Pear, lychee and Asian pear flavors. Richer and fruitier than the above.

Gehringer Bros. 2016 Dry Rock Chardonnay Unoaked ($13.29)
Very light nutty aromas, with just a hint citrus fruit. The palate is framed with flavors of red apple and almond. Finishes very short, keeping this from achieving greater heights.

Gehringer Bros. 2017 Dry Rock Sauvignon Blanc ($14.99)

Aromas of jalapeno, fresh cut grass and green pepper. Palate is dominated by tart citrus fruit. Another one that would improve if it didn't finish short.

Gehringer Bros. 2016 Old Vines Auxerrois ($14.29)
This grape is sometimes referred to as "Pinot Auxerrois", but it bears no relation to the similar Pinot Blanc; in fact, it's a sibling of Chardonnay. This one shows elderflower, pear and nectarine on the nose. The palate is dominated by stone fruit and is ever-so-slightly off-dry.

Gehringer Bros. 2016 Desert Sun ($12.29)
A blend of Riesling, Auxerrois and Chardonnay. White flowers, green apple and lychee on the nose. The flavors are similar, finishing well and slightly off-dry. I mean, for Twelve bucks, how much better are you going to do?

Gehringer Bros. 2017 Rosé ($14.99)
Made from a blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot, this has arresting aromas of strawberry, bell pepper and rhubarb. The flavors are similar, with some pink grapefruit coming along for the ride.

Gehringer Bros. 2016 Summer Night ($13.29)
A blend of Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. Aromas of black cherry and red raspberry, with flavors of cherry, raspberry, vanilla and a hint of spice on the finish. This is one where the palate saves the nose; it smells a bit cheap, but tastes just fine. Again, the theme here is value for your dollar.

Gehringer Bros. 2016 Dry Rock Cabernet-Merlot ($14.99)
Black cherry, cassis and black plum on the nose. Tons of black fruit mingling on the palate. Vanilla and dark chocolate chime in as well. Medium finish, which is the only thing keeping this from being outstanding. Another excellent value.

Gehringer Bros. 2016 Dry Rock Merlot ($13.99)
Aromas of red cherry, mocha, strawberry and blueberry. Black cherry, cassis and a hint of spice on the palate. Again, the finish is the only real issue here, but, once again, nice bang for the buck.

Gehringer Bros. 2015 Late Harvest Cabernet Franc ($16.99)
Aromas of peach, nectarine and red currant. Rich and round palate of red cherry, red currant, raspberry and blackberry. Tasty. We bought one of these and enjoyed it just last night, as a matter of a fact.

Gehringer Bros. 2017 Late Harvest Riesling ($18.99)
Pineapple, apricot and red apple on the nose. Tons of stone fruit dominating the palate, with pineapple notes as well.

Gehringer Bros. 2015 Cabernet Franc Icewine ($41.99)
Aromas of red and black fruits with honeysuckle lurking in the background. Stewed plums, honey, blackberry, blueberry and dried figs on the palate. Another excellent value, you might pay double this amount elsewhere.

Gehringer Bros. 2015 Riesling Icewine ($41.99)
Yeah yeah I'm sure you are tired of hearing this, but I love Icewine, and I particularly love Riesling Icewine. No exception here. Pineapple, raisin and vanilla on the nose. Luscious mouthfeel. Flavors of red apple, pineapple and dried figs. Delicious.

Gehringer Bros. 2017 Minus 9 Ehrenfelser Icewine ($41.99)
I don't know of another Ehrenfelser Icewine out there. White flowers, apple, stone fruit, honey and pineapple on the nose. This is incredibly sweet, as you would expect. Flavors of stone fruit and honey, with well balanced acidity. We bought one of these, drank half of the bottle, and used the rest to make a delicious Icewine cream to serve over berries. Fabulous.

Trying to get this Okanagan trip finished off by the end of this weekend as there is SO much other stuff to report on (Disneyland wine, months of miscellaneous tastings, and TWO more Okanagan trips!!). Gotta get to it!

Next up: Hester Creek!!

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