Saturday, August 11, 2018

Okanagan Trip, Part XII, our second visit in the last few months to vinAmité Cellars!!!

As always, warmly greeted by Catherine who takes us through everything they have available for us, most of which is the same stuff we tasted during our visit at the end of last year.

Two newbies to report on though, one of which wasn't even ready for release at the time. A "special tasting", you might say.

vinAmité Cellars 2016 Pinot Gris ($19.90)
Pear, green apple, stone fruit and a hint of pineapple on the nose. The palate features similar flavors, with pear in dominance, and you will notice a rich, unctuous mouthfeel that coats your tongue. A top-notch example of BC Pinot Gris.

vinAmité Cellars 2018 Bottling Ouest ($44.90)
Always a special treat to get to taste something that is not available for the general public to taste (I am sure it IS available for everyone now, however). Their first attempt at a Port-style wine. They have release just one barrell, 45 cases, of this now, and are reserving the rest for future bottlings. This has potential to be amazing but still needs time. Aromas of Christmas Cake, maraschino cherries and black pepper. Smooth and supple on the palate, flavors of strawberry, raspberry, mint and chocolate. This is going to be one to watch.

These guys make nothing but quality wine, and the intimate tasting room is always warm and inviting. They can whip you up a charcuterie plate if you want to have a glass on the patio and stay a while. If you have never been here, GO.

I mean it, go NOW. Stop reading this damn blog and get in the car!

Next up: a winery that we had only visited once before a few years ago, and boy were we pleasantly surprised during an incredible tasting at Road 13!

....and still some Disneyland wine to report on....

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