Thursday, September 14, 2017

Okanagan Trip, Part III, back to the beginning at the Gate of Heaven

......and that's why this winery is called Heaven's Gate.

This was our first visit here, and we were stunned to see such a beautiful space when we pulled up. Look at the beautiful fountain and patio area!

We were warmly greeted by a young man named Tyson, who I assumed was working the counter. He was doing more than that....he just bought the place! And I mean "JUST" bought it, like a week ago. Hey just figured "what the Hell, I have no experience in this industry, let's buy a winery!". LOL.

Well, I wish him the best. Oh, and he's also going to be the winemaker (with help from the former owners' consultant).

He asked for our honest opinion of things which we gave him: the tasting room is nice, bottles are kinda plain, and the glasses in the tasting room are way, way too small. It's tough to get a fair sense of a wine when you can't swirl or smell it properly.

Oh, and the website hasn't been updated in years. YEARS.

On to the wines:

Heaven's Gate 2016 Semillon ($16.43)

Pleasant aromas of guava and white flowers give way to citrus fruit notes on the palate. Juicy and lovely. 88.

Heaven's Gate 2016 Sauvignon Blanc ($16.43)

Aromas of gooseberry, nectarine and citrus. Citrus and herb on the palate, with an oily and spicy finish. 88.

Heaven's Gate 2015 Gewurztraminer ($16.43)

I got the impression that even Tyson wasn't that impressed with this one. Lychee, roses and vanilla on the nose. The flavors are....odd. Almost woody, with a lingering aftertaste. 81.

Heaven's Gate 2016 Faith Rosé ($16.43)

Pleasing aromas of cranberry, watermelon, strawberry and raspberry. Flavors of blackberry, raspberry and strawberry. Slightly off-dry and a real nice effort. 88.

Heaven's Gate 2013 Gamay Noir ($18.17)

Raspberry, vanilla and rich, dark cherry on the nose. The palate is light and delicate, with notes of cherry and blackberry. 85.

Heaven's Gate 2013 Malbec ($21.65)

Blackberry and blueberry jam on the nose. Black cherry, rose water and vanilla flavors. Palate is juicy with a decent finish. 86.

Heaven's Gate 2014 Merlot Malbec ($21.65)

Not a blend you see everyday. Blackberry, vanilla, blueberry and oak on the nose. Violets join in at the end and through the palate. Intriguing. 86.

Heaven's Gate 2013 Merlot ($17.30)

Arresting nose of cherry and mocha with a touch of dark chocolate showing up at the end. Lots of oaky vanilla flavors, blackberry, chocolate and black plum joining in. Persistent finish. By far the best of the reds. 89.

As I said above, I wish Tyson the best. There is lots to work with here, particularly with that patio and view. If he can get the wines up just a touch in quality, there is no telling how successful he might be.

Next up: A short break from the Okanagan trip for two exciting new entries in the wine blog: First, last weekend's night of USA themed food and wine which we hosted, and then my thoughts on Monday's announcement that changed the BC wine game forever.

Next up on the Okanagan trip was a winery we had not been to in years, but on Tyson's recommendation, down the hill to 8th Generation!

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