Sunday, July 31, 2016

Okanagan Trip gets nearer the end at one of the great little guys, Silkscarf!

OK I am definitely going to finish the Okanagan trip report this weekend, just one more entry needed after this one.

This part of the trip was actually about 2 weeks after the trip I have been reporting on, as we were up in Penticton for a family wedding. No time for a ton of wine tasting but we did stop at a favorite in Summerland on the way up, and another favorite in Kelowna on the way home.

Silkscarf.....a small boutique winery in Summerland with an impressive portfolio that we have enjoyed a few times. Let's see how the new vintage stacks up:

Silkscarf 2014 Pinot Noir ($32.90)

Aromas of strawberry, blueberry and clove. Some cherry and a hint of violets on the palate. Very, very light bodied. 86.

Silkscarf 2014 Merlot ($32.90)

Pleasing aromas of plum, blackberry, blueberry and vanilla. Black fruits dominate the palate with just a touch of caramel on the finish. Young but showing much promise. 88.

Silkscarf 2013 Shiraz Viognier ($32.90)

Cote du Rhone inspired blend features cherry, raspberry and dark chocolate on the nose. The mid-palate picks up some floral notes. Light and fruity. 87.

Silkscarf 2013 Ensemble ($32.90)

Aromas of blackberry, black cherry, violet and a hint of mint. The black fruits continue through onto the palate which finishes beautifully. Another young wine that shows great promise to develop. 88.

Silkscarf 2015 Viognier ($21.21)

Beautiful aromas of apricot, white flowers and citrus. Orchard fruits, citrus, tropical fruit and a touch of ginger combine effortless. One of the top-5 Viogniers in the Okanagan, in my opinion. Lovely. 90.

Silkscarf 2015 Riesling Muscat ($22.01)

An intriguing blend that brings together the honey from the Muscat and slate from the Riesling. Mango and melon flavors intermingle with balanced acidity. 89.

Silkscarf 2014 Ensemble Blanc ($21.21)

An Alsatian style blend of Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris and Riesling. Aromas of lychee, pears, floral and perfume. Citrus comes through on the palate, joining with the lychee and pear flavors. Very nice. 89.

Silkscarf 2015 SaigneƩ ($21.21)

A blend of Malbec and Merlot. Aromas and flavors of strawberry and cherry, with just a touch of spice coming through on the finish. 88.

Silkscarf 2015 Chardonnay ($22.08)

A light and fruity example of what an unoaked Chardonnay can be. Fresh and crisp flavors of citrus, green apple, lychee and tropical fruit. Regular readers of my blog know that my favorite kind of Chardonnay is the big, buttery style, which this isn't, but it's very good nonetheless. 89.

We left with a couple of bottles of white, satisfied as always after another terrific tasting experience. Don't miss these guys when you are up in the Summerland area!

Next up: Our favorite new winery, The Hatch!

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