Monday, May 16, 2016

Okanagan Trip Part II: Not the first time I've been a Laughing Stock, and probably not the last.....

We are warmly greeted for our private sit-down tasting which costs $10 per person, refundable on deposit. This is a wonderful way to taste wine, something I wish all wineries would offer (yes, I know, it's hardly practical for the bigger guys). The personalized service just makes it even more special, and when the wine is good too, what a great experience.

This winery has a really interesting story. Rather than tell you about it myself, I'll just post a link to it here. Check it out.

Laughing Stock 2014 Blind Trust White ($21.99)

50% Pinot Gris, 20% Viognier, 18% Pinot Blanc, and 12% Roussanne

You wouldn't ever know the varietals in this wine, let alone the percentage breakdown, from looking at the label. "Blind trust" is just that, you have to actually peel back the capsule to find out what's inside. (They also make a Blind Trust Red)

Lovely aromas of violets greet the nose, leading to hints of lime and grapefruit. Juicy and well balanced flavors of lime and peach and just a touch of minerality. 88.

That's me in the background, soaking up the sun, with our dear friend Melissa (otherwise known as Second Wife, but not in quite the same way that the Chinese used to have multiple wives back in the old days. That reminds me I'm due for another viewing of the Joy Luck Club). The wine is on a table just to my right; I suppose we should have taken pictures of THAT too :)

Laughing Stock 2014 Viognier ($22.99)

Intriguing notes of white flowers and orange blossoms greet your nose. The white flowers continue onto the palate, effortlessly joined by honey and cloves. A top-notch example of BC Viognier. 90.

Laughing Stock 2013 Syrah ($33.99)

Inspired by the French, 4% Viognier has been added. Strong notes of black pepper are the first thing your nose might notice, slowly supplemented by some earthiness and herbaceous notes. Juicy blackberry flavors mingle with some earth and pepper during the very long finish. Beautiful now and some careful cellaring will really provide a treat. 92.

Laughing Stock 2013 Portfolio ($39.99)

Their flagship Bordeaux-style blend.  

41% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 18% Cabernet Franc, 8% Malbec and 3% Petit Verdot.

Inviting aromas of black cherry, vanilla, toasty oak, spice and blackberry. Black fruits abound on the palate, with hints of dark chocolate, vanilla and spice. Finishes very long. Drinking well now but recommended to age for up to another decade, if you can manage to wait that long. We put one away and I'll report on it when it's time. 92-94.

This was a winery I was only somewhat familiar with and we very much enjoyed the tasting and the wine. We ended up leaving with a few bottles and we will definitely be back!

Next up: we leave Naramata for a quick jaunt into Okanagan Falls for a tasting and lunch at Liquidity!

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