Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year's Resolutions of wine, wine, and more wine!

Hello all, I hope that everyone had a very happy and safe New Year's Eve! I know that I did. MMMM wine.

So I don't actually make New Year's Resolutions normally, but this year I'm making an exception: to taste my way through all the wines in this book:

I get this issue every year and every year there are tons of wines I've never tried (or heard of), and this year I'm going to rectify that as best I can. Given that it's "Vancouver" magazine, I'm going to assume all/most of the wine in the book is going to be available somewhere in this region if I look hard enough.

This year's awards were particularly vexing to me, as I've never tried a single one of the wines chosen "best of category" or "best of show".

Here is a breakdown of the number of wines listed by category:

Sparkling: 14
Light White: 13
Medium White: 12
Rich White: 10
Sake: 4
Rosé: 6
Light Red: 9
Medium Red: 21
Rich Red: 20
Dessert/Fortified: 6

Total of 115 wines are listed. I'm going to completely ignore the Sparkling and Sake categories, as I don't like either enough to make them worthwhile. That leaves me a total of 97 wines to taste through by the end of 2016. If the wines are available, I don't imagine I'll have any trouble making that happen. In fact, there are three I can already cross of my list, including this one which I have previously reviewed:

Category: Rich White

Le Vieux Pin 2013 Ava ($34.90)

And these two which I have recently tasted but not yet reviewed:

Category: Medium White

Cedarcreek 2013 Estate Chardonnay ($18.49)

Hints of mango and peach on the nose and palate. Gently oaked giving it just the slightest hint of butterscotch on the finish, but the palate is mostly dominated by tropical and orchard fruits. 87.

Category: Rosé

Tinhorn Creek 2014 Oldfield Series Rosé ($19.99)

Intense aromas of strawberry, red apple, blood orange and herbs. The strawberries continue to come through on the palate, with a touch of orange zest and lime. The best BC rosé I've ever had. 91.

That's it for tonight, it leaves the total of wines I need to try at 94. I picked up three of them, including the wine voted "best of show", earlier today at a BC Liquor Store, so I will report on those as we drink them. At least a couple more are already in my cellar but I have not yet tried them.

Check back regularly as I continue to knock some of these honored wines off my "to-drink" list!

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