Sunday, July 5, 2015

Okanagan Trip, Part Six.....BRING ON THE ICE WINE!!!!

Up the road to Rollingdale, a winery we had never visited before. Driving into their gravel parking-lot, we were greeted with a barn instead of a traditional tasting room. First time I've tasted wine inside a barn!

Although they make some table wines (I have tried a couple of them in the past), we decided to focus on their icewine. As regular readers know, I love me some icewine....and where else can you taste five different varietals of icewine? Nowhere, as far as I know.

There was a charge for the tasting (not unusual for ice wine), $10 if memory serves.

Rollingdale 2013 Pinot Blanc Icewine ($39.90)

Hints of melon, cantaloupe and honey on the nose. Pears and pineapple join in on the palate. 89.

Rollingdale 2013 Merlot Icewine ($49.90)

I swear I tasted more Merlot icewine on this trip than I had in my entire life. This one was their first attempt. Notes of old strawberries and rhubarb on the nose and palate. 88.

Rollingdale 2013 Organic Pinot Gris Icewine ($49.90)

Toffee, caramel and butterscotch on the nose and on the palate. Finishes with just a hint of spice. 90.

Rollingdale 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine ($59.90)

Notes of butter tarts and herbs on the nose, giving way to a strawberry and dragonfruit dominated palate. I'm 99% sure this is the first time I've ever tasted icewine from this varietal. 89

Rollingdale 2013 Organic Chardonnay Icewine ($69.90)

Floral nose with lemon and a hint of orange on the nose. The palate is lemon meringue pie all the way with just a bit of honey on the finish. 90.

Tasty stuff all around, and a really exciting way to taste five different examples of a similar product side by side.

Up next, up the hill to Mt. Boucherie, for our final tasting of our first day in Kelowna.

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