Saturday, July 11, 2015

Okanagan Trip, Part Seven.....up to Mt. Boucherie we go!!

Our second time visting Mt. Boucherie winery, which flies under the radar a bit; you don't hear as much about it as you should. On both of our visits we remarked on how terrific the tasting staff was, as well as how good all the wines are. Even if you aren't a huge fan of some of their lesser known (in BC) varietals (Semillon, Blaufrankisch), there is little debate that the wines are of high quality.

We tasted everything they had open with no tasting fee, except for a small fee we paid for the icewine tasting at the end.

Mt. Boucherie 2011 Semillon ($15.50)

Crisp notes of citrus and lemon on the nose and palate. Lovely acidity. At this price, it's a steal, but we didn't have to pay anywhere close to this; it was on sale for $11! Needless to say we picked one of those up. 87.

Mt. Boucherie 2013 Ehrenfelser ($17)

Hints of pineapple, orange and Meyer lemon on the nose and palate. Bright acidity. Ever so slightly off-dry, 84.

Mt. Boucherie 2013 Riesling ($16)

Notes of stone fruits, apricot and green apple. Peaches join in on the palate. Tart green apple dominates the finish. 85.

Mt. Boucherie 2013 Family Reserve Chardonnay ($25)

Another one of the many BC Chardonnays which is going away from the big, bold, buttery Chardonnays that we really love; this one is light and fruity, with hints of hazelnut and butterscotch. Finishes very long. It's very good, but dammit, I want my butter!! 86.

Mt. Boucherie 2012 Pinot Noir ($21)

Light and fruity with notes of raspberry, strawberry and vanilla. Strawberry and cherries come through on the palate. 86.

Mt. Boucherie 2010 Summit Reserve Blaufrankisch ($25)


Hints of blueberry and spice on the nose and palate. A touch of plums as well. Quite high in acidity; would pair nicely with a dish involving tomato sauch. 86.

Mt. Boucherie 2012 Syrah ($25)

Dark fruit, black cherry and a touch of spice. Intoxicating bouquet. Cherries and spice on the palate with a long, beautiful, rich finish. 89.

Mt. Boucherie 2012 Merlot ($21)

Cherries, ripe berries, coffee and a hint of vanilla. Berries and plums on the palate and a long finish. 87.

Mt. Boucherie 2012 Family Reserve Gamay ($20)

White pepper, vanilla and mocha on the nose. Raspberries, herbs and black pepper on the palate. As Gamay goes, not bad at all. 86.

Mt. Boucherie 2012 Family Reserve Summit ($28)

Merlot-dominant blend includes the Cabernets. Raspberry, cassis and mocha on the nose. Full-bodied and rich and ready to drink now. 88.

Mt. Boucherie 2013 Riesling Icewine ($40)

Oh my. OH. MY.

Hints of apricots, pineapple and honey. Oh, the honey...... it dances on your tongue, enveloping your palate in wonder and ecstasy. This wine meets, if not surpasses, many of the same that are much more expensive. 97.

Mt. Boucherie 2013 Merlot Icewine ($50)

Even sweeter than the above, which should be right in my wheelhouse. Flavors of strawberry and chocolate. Would probably be an incredible pair with a dessert featuring dark chocolate. This is also lovely, but can't compare to the above, IMO. 92.

We left this very satisfying tasting with a Semillon, Syrah and, of course, Riesling Icewine. Highly recommend everyone stop in here when in the area.

Up next was supposed to be Quails' Gate....our intention was to stop by the wine shop and pick up our Club shipment which was supposed to be there waiting for us, have a quick tasting, and then head back to our B&B to change into our clothes, to return to Quails' Gate for dinner at Old Vines Restaurant. Someone had other plans, however, as they rammed their car into a Hydro pole up the street, knocking out power to the entire place just minutes after we arrived. Not to mention that the lady we asked for our Club shipment couldn't find it; given that the power had just gone out and she seemed a bit flustered, we didn't want to push we just headed to our B&B (which was also without power, in fact) and changed our reservation at Old Vines to the next night.

So that being said, that finishes off the wine portion of our first night in Kelowna. Next up will be our private tasting and lunch at Cedarcreek!

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