Wednesday, July 16, 2014

this Bench is made of Platinum in today's Okanagan tour entry

So we're on our way to Burrowing Owl, and we notice some flags on the side of the road.

"Platinum Bench Winery"

Hmm. Never heard of them.

"Tasting Room Open"

Damn, we are running out of time, have to catch them next time.

"Local Cheeses"

I do love cheese with wine, but still....we are in a bit of a hurry.

"Fresh Baked Artisan Breads"


You had me at Artisan.

So here we are, at a winery I've never even heard of, enjoying some freaking fantastic artisan breads, and tasting some darn good wine.

2013 Pinot Gris ($19.90)

Green apples, some minerality on the nose and palate. Long, fruity finish. Quite nice. 86.

2013 Gamay Noir ($19.90)

Some pepper and currants on the nose, with cherries and raspberry on the palate. Not my grape, but this isn't too bad. 83.

2012 Syrah ($30ish)

Berries, white pepper on the nose, with vanilla and some dark chocolate on the palate. Will only improve with some bottle time, and it's lovely now. 86.

2011 Meritage ($29.99 if I recall)

Lovely aromas of berries and a hint of vanilla on the nose and palate. Drinking very well now. 90.

2011 Merlot ($24.99)

Black Cherries, currants, plums on the nose and palate. Oak gives it some vanilla notes as well. Very nice. 88.

Excellent service, great bread and cheese, and terrific wine. What's not to like?

Well, one thing.....their website is absolutely atrocious. Spelling mistakes abound (Gammay, Merot), and the wine link is years old. It's awful. It's a small winery, I get that, but get that website updated to the level that your wines deserve!!

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