Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Big blog update, and catching up on tastings

Firstly, the blog update; I've added a "CELLAR" tab at the top of the page, with a (mostly) complete list of the wines we own, with tasting notes for anything I have tasted and rated to this point. As we drink them, I'll cross them out and add/leave the tasting notes up.

Now, catching up on a tasting from a few weeks ago at my usual local VQA wine store.

See Ya Later Brut ($20.99)

A light, fruity bouquet, very crisp and acidic at the same time on the palate. Tiny notes of honey. 82

Therapy 2010 Fizzio Therapy Rouge ($22.97)

Fruit and earth meet on the nose, notes of chocolate and licorice on the palate. Tannins are firm and chewy. 74.

Cassini 2010 Maximus ($33.87)

Classic Bordeaux blend, intense aromas of black currant and jam, with a bit of spice. Very full bodied. 79.

Jackson Triggs 2007 Riesling Ice Wine ($54.99)

It will come as no surprise to regular readers that my favorite of this tasting would be the Ice Wine. Very sweet with notes of honey and apple, orange peel and candied ginger. Very good. 90.

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