Saturday, July 28, 2018

Okanagan Trip, Part IX, our first visit (not our last!!) to Black Hills in 2018....

The downside to visiting the Okanagan in April (can't believe I just used the phrase "downside to visiting the Okanagan", as if there is any bad time to go wine tasting!), I suppose, is that much of the new stuff isn't release yet.

The good part about that, of course, is that these blog posts take quite a bit less time to write! :)

Just three wines to taste today which I have not previously reviewed, so let's get right to them.

Black Hills 2016 Carmenere ($50ish - wine club only)

Exclusive to wine club members and it sells out quickly, this beauty opens up with green pepper and jalapeno aromas, hints of fresh lettuce, smoke, red licorice and white pepper. Blackberry, cranberry, smoke and a touch of cigar box on the juicy palate. A winner, as usual.
Black Hills 2015 Syrah ($39.90)

When your nose gets close to the glass you will think it's time for breakfast. Bacon bacon bacon maple bacon oh my what a fantastic start. Keep looking and there are also some truffle, black pepper and earthy aromas hiding behind the bacon. Flavors include black plum, black cherry, vanilla and blueberry. Lively acidity and a very long finish. This is a treasure, and might be their best ever.
Black Hills 2016 Tempranillo ($45.99)

Another one that is hard to find (not even listed on their website currently), this has an intriguing aroma of a freshly opened paint can mixed with grape jelly. Black fruit dominates the palate, with notes of earth and mushroom. Very nice but if you can wait a year or two, it will certainly improve with proper cellaring.

We were back to Black Hills in June for the annual Nota Bene Release Party, which was a fantastic time as always.

The author and his much, much, much better half

I didn't make any notes at the party, but I have all of those wines at home and will report on them as we open them.

Next up: Just down the road to another spot that we always enjoy, lunch and a tasting at Burrowing Owl!!

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