Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Okanagan Trip, Part 6, a new "Big Boy" has joined the Okanagan Wine party.....and they are serious about wine

I think I can
I think I can
I think I can

From the well-known children's book "The Little Engine that Could".

This winery should probably called "The Little Engine that Did".

But they are sticking with "Little Engine".

As I mentioned in my last post, we had time to fit in one more winery before we had an appointment for a tasting at La Frenz...and what happened to be just down the street? Little Engine, a winery none of us had ever heard of, let alone visited.

Out front of the tasting room was a sign that indicated their tasting fees. They were...significant...to put it mildly. IIRC, $8 for the lower end tasting opportunity, and $18 for the 'good stuff'. Each fee could be waived upon purchase...the $8 tasting with $30 worth of wine, and the $18 with (I believe) $75 worth of wine. Those are significant commitments to many BC wine drinkers, so we will see how that stands up as time goes on...but for now, we pressed on as I was quite intrigued as who had the balls to charge those kind of tasting fees as a new (relatively unknown) winery.

Upon being greeted in the tasting room and seeing the portfolio, I told the lady behind the counter that one of two things was true: Their wine was really overpriced, or REALLLLLY good. We were eager to see which one was true.

They have three levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The entry level Silver line would probably be considered "Reserve" by many BC wineries. Let's get to the tasting.

Little Engine 2015 Silver Chardonnay ($30.00)

Pleasant aromas of citrus, with a touch of hazelnut and butterscotch. Pineapple and herbaceous notes abound and it features a chalky mouthfeel. 89.

Little Engine 2015 Silver Pinot Noir ($35.00)

Beautiful nose of clove, black cherry and baking spices. A touch of tea, strawberry, rhubarb and red cherry on the palate. Really special already. 92.

Little Engine 2014 Silver Merlot ($35.00)

Dark fruit, raspberry and strawberry on the nose. Juicy and round palate of red cherry and some savory herbs. 89.

Little Engine 2014 Gold Chardonnay ($55.00)

Intense notes of butterscotch, hazelnut, almond and orchard fruit. Complex palate features stone fruit, lemon, lime and hazelnut. Long and luscious finish. So delicious already. 93.

Little Engine 2015 Gold Pinot Noir ($55.00)

Blackberry, black cherry, truffle, earth and herbs on the nose. Beautiful, juicy palate, with black fruit flavors and hints of earth, spice, tobacco and earth. So good but I suspect this one really needs to age a bit to catch up to itself. If you can't wait, decant for an hour or two. 92-94.

Little Engine 2015 Gold Merlot ($55.00)

Vanilla, tobacco, oak and cassis on the nose. Big and bold and intense with flavors of vanilla and cedar. Finishes long and beautiful. 91.

Little Engine 2015 Platinum Cabernet Franc ($75.00)

Beautiful, intense aromas of violet, cigar box and black fruit. The fruits turn red on the palate, with additional notes of blackberry. Beautifully balanced and a long finish. So tasty. 94.

Little Engine 2015 Platinum Cabernet Sauvignon ($75.00)

Complex aromas of blackberry and baking spices. Rich and round palate with flavors of cassis, fig and black fruit. Long, beautiful finish. So much potential. 91-93.

I think I can

I think I can

I think I did....spend way too much money here.

And we'll be back for more.

Next up, our first visit to nearby La Frenz!

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