Saturday, October 22, 2016

Okanagan Trip continues with a truly fantastic meal, and oh yeah, some wine, at Cedarcreek

First of all, let me tell you a bit about our lunch at Terrace Restaurant.

The wife ordered a pork dish that was the best she had ever tasted. And it wasn't just the way the dish was cooked, it was the pork itself. Sourced from Hoggard Farms, a local (Okanagan) farm that raises the pork naturally, no antibiotics, hormones or steroids. It was absolutely fantastic. I haven't had much luck finding this pork locally in Chilliwack, but I will keep trying.

After our special lunch, off to a private tasting of a large portion of their portofolio:

Cedarcreek 2014 Riesling ($15.29)

Lovely nose of slate, tropical fruit and green apple. The apple follows through on the palate, married to some pineapple. A true value wine, at this price, it's ridiculously good. 89.

Cedarcreek 2015 Ehrenfelser ($16.99)

Tropical fruit dominates the nose, with hints of white flowers. Citrus fruits and a bit of spice on the palate, featuring a bit of tropical fruit at the end. 87.

Cedarcreek 2015 Pinot Gris ($17.99)

Notes of pear and lychee on the nose. Hot and dry on the palate, 14.1% alcohol. Pear and a touch of honey on the palate. 88.

Cedarcreek 2014 Chardonnay ($16.99) 

Aromas of tropical fruit, peach, orange and butterscotch. No maloactic ferminataion but still lots of butterscotch on the finish. Delicious. 90.

Cedarcreek 2014 Platinum Reserve Block 5 Chardonnay ($27.99)

Fruity aromas of red apple. The palate features complex notes of stone fruit, apple, butterscotch and balance acidity. Will likely improve with some more time in the bottle. 90.

Cedarcreek 2010 Platinum M ($52.99)

100% Chardonnay

Fortified Madeira-style wine, the only one in the Okanagan, shows pleasing aromas of brazil nuts, hazelnuts and orange rind. Complex layers of fruit flavors including apricots. Nuts all over the place on the finish. Such a treat, we currently have one of these open in our fridge for anytime we feel like a 'nightcap'. 90.

Cedarcreek 2013 Platinum Block 2 Pinot Noir ($55.99)

Lovely feminine floral aromas, violets, black pepper and allspice. Black cherry really dominates the palate, with a touch of gamey meat as well. Will age beautifully. 91.

Cedarcreek 2013 Platinum Block 4 Pinot Noir ($55.99)

Much more full and masculine than it's above cousin. Earth and chocolate on the nose. Mocha and a bit of spice joins in with the cherry and tobacco on the palate. Another one that will age gracefully. 92.

Cedarcreek 2013 Merlot ($17.99)

Terrific notes of cherry, vanilla and baking spices. The palate notices some cherry, vanilla and a nutty finish. Another really solid bargain. 91.

Cedarcreek 2013 Platinum Reserve Desert Ridge Merlot ($37.99)

Beautiful aromas of cherry cola, earth and cinnamon, Black currant, vanilla and cedar come through on the palate. Nice long finish. Needs some time to really develop but shows lots of promise. 90-92.

Cedarcreek 2014 Syrah ($22.29)

The first Estate Syrah they have ever done (I think?), it's actually 86% Syrah with a bit of Malbec, Viognier, Merlot and Cabernet Franc as well. White pepper dominates the nose, with a touch of red plum thrown in for good measure. The pepper continues onto the beautiful palate, with notes of dark fruit. Tannins are smooth and finish is long. 91.

Cedarcreek 2013 Meritage ($22.99)

36% Malbec
35% Cab. Sauv.
28% Merlot
1% Cab. Franc

A touch of mint mingles with the vanilla and floral aromas. A ridiculously high amount of Malbec but it really works. Blackberry, blueberry and just a hint of dark chocolate on the palate. Another really good value. 91.

Cedarcreek 2013 Platinum Reserve Desert Ridge Meritage ($40.49)

Beautiful, intoxicating notes of dark berries and mint. Is that a bit of fruitcake I smell? Long luscious finish with all kinds of fruit on the palate. Absolutely beautiful, a real triumph and I can't wait to see how much it improves with some time. 94.

That was it for our tasting, but we picked up a couple bottles of their brand new high-end Bordeaux blend and have since opened it:

Cedarcreek 2013 The Last Word ($77.99)

34% Cab. Sauv.
32% Merlot
24% Cab. Franc
10% Malbec

Blackberry, black cherry, spice and graphite make up the pleasant nose. The palate turns to black fruit, a touch of spice and dense earth. Drinking well now but who knows how high it will go with a bit more time? 92-94.

A couple more random wines from this winery we have enjoyed in the recent past:

Cedarcreek 2015 Rosé ($19.99)

100% Pinot Noir. Aromas of raspberry, strawberry and rhubarb. Strawberry dominates the juicy palate, and this is really lovely. Enjoy it on the patio with friends and another bottle. 89.

Cedarcreek 2013 The Senator's Red ($18.99)

Red fruit, a touch of spice and blackberry on the nose. Juicy and pleasing palate of strawberry, mint, dark fruit. A nice everyday red for the price. 88.

This ends this Okanagan trip, but fear not, true believers, lots more to come in another Okanagan visit about a month after this one.

But next up: A special night of wine and food pairing that we hosted, called the "Taste of Spain". Good wine was consumed, trust me!

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