Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tasting of a favorite BC winery

Yesterday was a tasting of some new stuff from Summerhill Pyramid Winery, one that I've visited many times and usually been quite impressed with. Let's see how this lineup shook out.

Summerhill 2014 Organic Riesling ($20.99)

Green apple dominates the nose and palate, to it's detriment IMO. This is a brand new wine, just bottled. so the overwhelming tartness should dissipate as it settles into the bottle. It's not undrinkable now by any stretch, but not the style of Riesling I prefer at this point. I will definitely try this again at a later date. 84.

Summerhill 2013 Ehrenfelser ($19.99)

Orange blossom, honeysuckle, peach and apricot on the nose and palate. Off-dry and lovely, this is a reliable varietal if you like slightly sweet whites to enjoy on a nice patio day. 88.

Summerhill 2012 Merlot ($26.99)

Another brand new release that needs some time but is showing a lot of promise. Black cherry, vanilla and plum on the nose. Finishes long and luscious. A ton of potential once it ages appropriately, and it's drinkable now too. 88-90.

They also tasted the 2011 Pinot Noir which I thought was so bad I couldn't even drink it, which is surprising because I have enjoyed this varietal in the past. I'll give it another chance when we visit the winery later this summer, I'm sure it will be better.

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