Monday, June 30, 2014

Gehringer Brothers, and a former NHL coach, in today's entry

As we moved across the street from Hester Creek (yes I screwed up the order of Hester Creek and Silver Sage) to Gehringer Brothers, we had a bit of a time crunch, as we had an appointment for a tasting in about a half hour so we didn't have time to lollygag. Yes, I said an APPOINTMENT for a tasting; kind of rare in BC (my first one ever, in fact). More on that tasting in tomorrow's blog.

As we waited to get near the very busy counter at Gehringer Bros to taste their wares, my wife nudged me and pointed out that the man standing next to her was none other than former NHL head coach Marc Crawford! He seemed just like he does on TV; very nice and polite, but quiet and unassuming. I told him I didn't think Dallas should have fired him, to which he replied, "I agree". Well said, sir.

Gehringer Bros features a few wines you don't see much, if at all, in BC, and it's always nice to taste some varietals that are a bit off the beaten path.

2013 Auxerrois ($14.99)

This grape, sometimes called Pinot Auxerrois, features a mellow fruit profile, with just a touch of sweetness to enhance the flavors. 85.

2013 Ehrenfelser ($14.99)

Peaches, apricots and citrus on the nose and palate. Slightly off-dry and very nice. As is the Auxerrois, an excellent buy for the price. 84.

2013 Gewurtzraminer-Schoenberger ($15.99)

The only one of these in BC. Very floral nose, with some lychee and passion fruit and a touch of spice on the palate. 85.

2012 Optimum Pinot Noir ($20.99)

Plums and cherries dominate the nose. Plums continue on the palate in a very full-bodied Pinot, with a touch of pepper on the finish. 86.

2013 Minus 9 Ehrenfelser Ice Wine ($49.99)

Rich and viscous, less acidity than in some other dessert wines. Honey and white fruit dominate the palate. Beautiful. 91.

2013 Cabernet Franc Ice Wine ($49.99)

Cab Franc is rare in an Ice Wine, with concentrated berry flavors rolling over your tongue. Sweet, decadent, and delicious. 89.

Nothing but good stuff here, wish we had enough time to really savor the tasting rather than rush through it, but c'est la vie. Make sure you join me tomorrow when I report on a truly special experience.

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