Friday, June 28, 2013

Another fabulous BC white

Yes, I know, I said that we like all kinds of wine, BC and non-BC, but since I started this blog I've mentioned nothing but BC wine. That will change, I promise, but not yet.

Tonight with dinner we cracked open a bottle of 2011 Summerhill Ehrenfelser. 

We discovered this wine totally by accident; we went to an SPCA Charity function a couple of years ago which featured wine tastings, and this was one of the wines we got to sample. We had never even heard of Ehrenfelser, but apparently this rare grape thrives in the Okanagan climate. Not a lot of wineries produce this wine, and this is our favorite. We've also tried the Ehrenfelser from Cedarcreek, a winery we like, but this was much, MUCH better.

This is a sweet wine (sweetness code 2, I believe), and is great on it's own, but pairs very well with food as well. It features a very fruity nose, apricot and peach are noticeable, and finishes with hints of tropical fruits. Tonight we had it with a stuffed pork chop, asparagus with beurre blanc sauce and cheddar pasta. A very good meal, and the wine only added to it. In case you hadn't noticed by now, we tend to like sweeter white wines. I don't have anything against dry whites, but most of them haven't lived up to their potential for me.

I have also tasted the 2012 version and it was good, but seemed to be suffering from bottle shock a bit. I would recommend you find the 2011 if you can, but if not, the 2012 should be perfectly good in the near future.

Another excellent value, at $19.95 in VQA wine stores.

Rating: 8/10

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